Bathtub Refinishing in West Point

When it comes to sink, shower, and bathtub repairs, East Alabama NuGlaze is the top choice among West Point residents. With 18 years of experience, our unwavering commitment has centered on returning worn showers and bathtubs to like-new conditions. Professionalism and customer satisfaction are central to the daily operations at our locally owned and operated business. From weakened floors to rust, scratches, chips, and cracks, our diverse service offering equips us to handle a broad spectrum of common issues. We’re best known for our exceptional results, transparent pricing, and minimum one-year warranties, which provide our customers with priceless peace of mind and confidence. Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and we only hire the most knowledgeable, trustworthy, and professional individuals to join our team because our customers deserve nothing less than the very best. Contact us today to request your no-obligation quote and find out why NuGlaze stands out as the ultimate choice for bathroom makeovers!

Bathtub Repair Services

When it comes to your tub or shower pan, our West Point shower reglazing service offers the most affordable option alternative to replacement. Our methods enable our customers to enjoy a like-new shower or tub and upgrade their bathrooms without dealing with the stress, mess, and costs of replacing them. Discover NuGlaze’s cost-effective and swift bathtub repair choices and restore your bathtub’s function and beauty while also enjoying time and money savings!

Complete Bathtub Refinishing

Rely on our thorough process for full bathtub refinishing to turn your tub or sink into an eye-catching centerpiece. As part of our refinishing process, we meticulously prepare the surface by either sanding or etching to create a perfectly bondable surface. First, we fix any visible defects such as a bathtub crack, chips, or rust spots in your bathtub. Next, we apply several coats of high-quality primer and enamel for a durable finish. Antique clawfoot tub refinishing necessitates specialized, personalized approaches, highlighting the importance of hiring proficient professionals who are capable of navigating this delicate process. Our professional-grade bathtub reglazing tools enable us to create a breathtakingly flawless finish, and we offer the option to add an anti-skid texture to your bathtub for enhanced safety.

Our bathtub reglaze service doesn’t just deliver aesthetic advantages – it also ensures your peace of mind and the protection of your investment through a warranty. Your warranty duration will be tailored to the services rendered and the property type, ensuring ongoing satisfaction with your stunning, refinished shower or bathtub.

Rust and Corrosion

Showers and bathtubs tend to develop corrosion and rust, especially as they get older. Our West Point bathtub refinishing company has firsthand experience with the impact corrosion and rust can have on both the appearance and durability of a tub. Through our distinctive bathtub resurfacing methods and high-grade materials, we successfully tackle corrosion and rust, prevent ongoing deterioration, and restore the fixture’s original splendor.

Cracks, Chips, Scratches, and Holes

Bathtubs can show signs of damage like scratches, cracks, chips, or holes over time, mainly due to daily use, wear and tear, exposure to harsh chemicals, or inappropriate cleaning practices. Our bathtub repair in West Point is synonymous with meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the process. Beyond repairing a cracked bathtub, we enhance its structural integrity to guarantee years of continued use. Our initial step involves evaluating the extent of damage. Next, we apply specialized methods, meticulous color matching, and high-quality materials to mend and fill imperfections, resulting in a bathtub that boasts a flawless, smooth finish.

Spot Repairs

Eliminate those pesky imperfections in your bathtub using our spot repair services! Ignoring these issues doesn’t just harm your bathroom’s appearance, but it can also escalate into more severe issues if not dealt with promptly. The team at our West Point bathtub repair service brings a wealth of expertise to the table, expertly addressing these flaws to produce a seamless and impeccable surface that enhances your bathroom’s visual appeal.

Fading and Stains

As a shower or bathtub ages, it can become stained or begin to fade, which undermines the beauty of the fixture. Our stain removal and fade repair service is intended to revitalize the fixture and restore its original vibrancy and luster. Since stains can originate from rust, products, mildew or mold growth, soap scum buildup, or mineral deposits, they each require a unique approach. Our West Point bathtub reglazing experts are well-versed in exactly how to assess and remove stains of all kinds. Whether your tub is marred with stubborn stains or it is simply dull because of its age, our bathtub repair experts will be able to make it as beautiful and functional as it was when it was brand new.

Call or text East Alabama NuGlaze at 334-332-1582 and get the ball rolling on your bathroom restoration project today!