Shower Refinishing in LaGrange

At East Alabama NuGlaze, we are honored to serve as your trusted local authority for bathtub, shower, and sink repairs in LaGrange. Armed with 18 years of experience, our mission is to revive your deteriorated bathtub or shower and give it a fresh lease on life. As an owner-operated business, our primary focus is on ensuring customer satisfaction and demonstrating professionalism in every aspect of our work. Our comprehensive services cover a wide spectrum of issues, including cracks, chips, scratches, rust, weak floors, and various other common concerns. Our distinguishing features include our ability to produce outstanding results, provide clear pricing, and offer minimum one-year warranties, instilling our customers with priceless peace of mind and trust. We adhere to strict licensing, bonding, and insurance requirements, and our team consists of the most experienced, dependable, and professional individuals because we are committed to offering our customers nothing but the highest quality. Contact us today to request your no-obligation quote and find out why NuGlaze stands out as the ultimate choice for bathroom makeovers!

Shower Repair Services

Opting for our LaGrange shower reglazing service is a smart, budget-friendly choice compared to replacing your tub or shower pan. Through our techniques, customers can relish in a refreshed shower or tub experience and enhance their bathrooms without the hassles, clutter, and expenses of replacements. NuGlaze excels in providing effective and budget-friendly repair options that enhance your shower’s aesthetics and functionality, all while maximizing your savings in both time and money.


When it comes to shower refinishing, cracks can present a unique challenge. A shower crack, no matter how small, can undermine the strength of your shower and may lead to leaks or water damage down the line. You can trust our proficiency and specialized tools to effectively tackle cracks in fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, and various other shower materials. Through the application of specialized methods and premium-grade materials, we achieve a thorough shower repair that enhances your shower’s structural integrity. After we repair a cracked shower, the seamless integration will leave you unable to locate the previous damage, guaranteeing a durable, enduring solution.


Scratches on your shower’s surface can diminish its overall appearance and make cleaning more challenging. These marks may result from harsh cleaning agents, neglectful upkeep, or daily wear and tear, all of which can diminish the charm of your shower and the entire bathroom. Our experienced professionals are skilled at repairing scratches on all types of shower materials. Employing meticulous buffing, polishing, and refinishing techniques, our shower reglaze service eradicates scratches, reviving your shower’s glossy, smooth surface. With our meticulous, well-established approach and steadfast commitment to delivering top-quality results, we ensure your shower will look as good as new after repairs are completed.


Chips in your shower’s surface aren’t just cosmetic issues – they also serve as entry points for water infiltration and potential damage. In the realm of shower repair in LaGrange, NuGlaze stands out for our ability to effectively repair chips in showers crafted from fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, and other materials. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and precision color-matching technology, we skillfully fix chips for a seamlessly restored and uniform surface in your shower. Our swift and expert handling of chips ensures your shower’s longevity and preserves its aesthetic charm. We employ cutting-edge methods and premium materials to achieve superior outcomes through our shower reglazing services.


The presence of holes in your shower can pose both aesthetic concerns and functional issues, as they can allow water infiltration into walls and flooring. Without timely shower resurfacing and repair, leaks can emerge, potentially leading to mold issues and considerable damage to the structure. Because of our expertise, we grasp the importance of promptly dealing with holes with an exceptional LaGrange shower repair. No matter the source, including accidental incidents or gradual wear, we use precise repair methods to fill and seal holes in any type of shower material. Through our careful attention to detail, we ensure that our shower refinishing process seamlessly merges with your shower’s existing design to enhance the appearance and functionality of your entire bathroom.

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