Bathtub Refinishing in Phenix City

When it comes to sink, shower, and bathtub repairs, East Alabama NuGlaze is the top choice among Phenix City residents. Having spent 18 years perfecting our craft, we are devoted to transforming your damaged bathtub or shower into a pristine, like-new version of itself. With our owner at the helm, our local business values center around prioritizing customer satisfaction and conducting ourselves with the utmost professionalism throughout every project. From weakened floors to rust, scratches, chips, and cracks, our extensive service repertoire allows us to address a wide array of common problems. Our customers value us for our upfront pricing, excellent results, and the assurance of a minimum one-year warranty on all projects. Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured business is committed to hiring professionals who are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and highly skilled, as we deeply value our customers’ experience. Reach out to us today to request a no-cost quote and see how NuGlaze can elevate both the aesthetics and practicality of your bathroom!

Bathtub Repair Services

Turn to our Phenix City shower reglazing service as a cost-effective alternative to replacing your shower pan or bathtub. Our methods enable our customers to enjoy a like-new shower or tub and upgrade their bathrooms without dealing with the stress, mess, and costs of replacing them. NuGlaze excels in providing effective and budget-friendly bathtub repair options that enhance your tub’s aesthetics and functionality, all while maximizing your savings in both time and money.

Complete Bathtub Refinishing

Experience the magic of our step-by-step bathtub refinishing service, which turns any sink or bathtub into a beautiful bath feature. Each refinishing job involves a detailed preparation phase, where we meticulously sand or etch the surface to ensure optimal bonding. Before applying multiple layers of premium primer and enamel for a lasting finish, we tackle any visible problems, such as a bathtub crack, chips, or rust spots. Refinishing an antique clawfoot tub demands unique, customized methods, making it vital to enlist seasoned professionals with the expertise to manage this intricate task. With our advanced bathtub reglazing equipment, we achieve a flawless and beautiful application. For added safety, we also can include an anti-slip texture upon request.

Our bathtub reglaze service goes beyond aesthetics by offering a warranty to ensure your peace of mind and protect your investment. Your warranty duration will be tailored to the services rendered and the property type, ensuring ongoing satisfaction with your stunning, refinished shower or bathtub.

Spot Repairs

Resolve those persistent flaws in your bathtub with our targeted spot repair solutions! Neglecting these concerns can impact the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, and it may also escalate into larger issues when ignored. Employing top-notch skills and precision, our Phenix City bathtub repair service transforms your bathtub into a flawless, smooth masterpiece that enhances the entire bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

Cracks, Chips, Scratches, and Holes

Impact, harsh chemical exposure, unsuitable cleaning practices, general wear and tear, or even regular use can cause bathtubs to develop holes, cracks, scratches, or chips over time. The process of a bathtub repair in Phenix City begins and ends with a keen eye for detail. We don’t just repair the cracked bathtub and call the job done – we make expert repairs that allow the tub to be used and enjoyed for years to come. We begin by evaluating the scope of the damage. After that, we utilize exclusive techniques, skillful color matching, and top-notch materials to repair and fill imperfections and give your bathtub the flawless, smooth look you’re hoping for.

Rust and Corrosion

Corrosion and rust are prevalent in showers and bathtubs as they age. At our Phenix City bathtub refinishing company, we’ve seen just how much the appearance and structural integrity of a tub can be affected by corrosion and rust. Our specialized bathtub resurfacing techniques and high-quality materials allow us to effectively address rust and corrosion, restore your fixtures to their original condition, and prevent further damage.

Fading and Stains

With time, showers and bathtubs may become stained or fade, impacting the fixture’s aesthetic appeal. Our services are tailored to refresh your fixtures and reinstate their original brilliance by eradicating signs of fading and stains. Stubborn stains often stem from mineral deposits, mold or mildew, soap scum, rust accumulation, or chemicals. Count on our Phenix City bathtub reglazing professionals to handle and resolve stains of all types with precision. Whether it’s the wear of time or stubborn stains that have diminished your bathtub’s appearance, our bathtub repair team is capable of giving it new life.

Call or text East Alabama NuGlaze at 334-332-1582 and get the ball rolling on your bathroom restoration project today!