Bathtub Refinishing in Auburn

East Alabama NuGlaze is delighted to be your first choice for sink, shower, and bathtub repairs in the Auburn region. With nearly two decades of expertise, our commitment lies in restoring your worn bathtub or shower to its original glory. Professionalism and customer satisfaction are central to the daily operations at our locally owned and operated business. Our services are designed to tackle a multitude of common problems, such as cracks, chips, scratches, rust, weak floors, and more. We’re renowned among customers for our clear pricing, exceptional results, and the peace of mind offered by a minimum one-year warranty on every project. We maintain full licensing, bonding, and insurance. Our team includes only the most knowledgeable, dependable, and proficient professionals, reflecting our dedication to providing our customers with unparalleled service. Act now to request your free estimate and find out why NuGlaze is the go-to option for bathroom transformations!

Bathtub Repair Services

If you’re seeking a budget-friendly option instead of replacing your shower pan or bathtub, consider our Auburn shower reglazing service. Our technique allows you to achieve a like-new appearance and instantly upgrade your bathroom without the high cost and inconvenience of a full replacement. NuGlaze excels in providing effective and budget-friendly bathtub repair options that enhance your bathtub’s aesthetics and functionality, all while maximizing your savings in both time and money.

Complete Bathtub Refinishing

Count on our detailed approach to total bathtub refinishing to make your tub or sink a captivating focal point. In every refinishing project, we prioritize thorough preparation, which involves either sanding or etching the surface to achieve excellent bonding. We start by addressing any obvious concerns, like rust spots, chips, or a bathtub crack, and then we apply several coats of premium primer and enamel to achieve a durable, long-lasting finish. When refinishing antique clawfoot bathtubs, our skilled professionals use specialized methods to correct imperfections. That’s why it’s crucial to entrust this intricate task to experienced experts. Through the utilization of our specialized bathtub reglazing tools, we deliver an exquisite and flawless result. If desired, we can also add an anti-skid texture for increased bathtub safety.

Our bathtub reglaze services don’t only enhance aesthetics, but also include a warranty for added peace of mind and protection of your investment. Our warranties depend on property type and services performed, you can relish your newly refinished bathtub or shower for an extended period.

Spot Repairs

Our spot repair service is the ideal way to address minor imperfections in your tub. These flaws can make your whole bathroom appear dingy and worn, and they can also be the start of more serious issues if they aren’t repaired properly. Our Auburn bathtub repair service restores a flawless, smooth finish to your bathtub and improves the appearance of the bathroom using expert techniques and incredible precision.

Cracks, Chips, Scratches, and Holes

Bathtubs may develop holes, cracks, scratches, or chips as a result of continuous usage, exposure to harsh chemicals, inappropriate cleaning practices, gradual wear and tear, or impact over time. The process of our bathtub repair in Auburn involves a thorough examination of every aspect, emphasizing attention to detail from beginning to end. Our services don’t stop at repairing cracks in your bathtub – we extend its lifespan for years to come. We kickstart the process by assessing the damage’s extent thoroughly. Then, we utilize distinctive techniques, expert color blending, and superior materials to fix and fill imperfections, providing your bathtub with the flawless, smooth appearance you seek.

Fading and Stains

As time passes, bathtubs and showers may lose their color or develop persistent stains that diminish their overall appearance. Let us revamp your fixtures with our tailored services by bringing back their radiant sheen and eradicating fading and stains. Stains come from various sources, such as rust, mildew or mold, product residue, mineral deposits, or soap scum accumulation, demanding distinct strategies for successful elimination. When it comes to stain assessment and removal, our Auburn bathtub reglazing specialists promise unparalleled expertise. Whether your bathtub is marked by stubborn stains or has dulled with age, our bathtub repair specialists ensure a complete restoration to its original appearance and functionality.

Rust and Corrosion

It’s quite common for older bathtubs and showers to develop rust and corrosion issues. The Auburn bathtub refinishing team has witnessed how corrosion and rust can dramatically alter the appearance and sturdiness of a tub. Utilizing advanced bathtub resurfacing methods and top-notch materials, we efficiently tackle rust and corrosion, returning your fixtures to their former glory and preventing future damage.

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