Shower Refinishing in Opelika

Your sink, shower, and bathtub repair needs are in capable hands with East Alabama NuGlaze – the premier choice for bath refinishing in Opelika. Throughout the past 18 years, our dedication has been directed toward restoring damaged showers and bathtubs to their original state. Each day, our locally owned and operated business places a strong emphasis on professionalism and ensuring customer satisfaction. From weakened floors to rust, scratches, chips, and cracks, our diverse service offering equips us to handle a broad spectrum of common issues. Our customers trust us for our transparent pricing, top-notch results, and the added security provided by our minimum one-year warranty on all projects. Our business, which is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, prioritizes hiring individuals who embody professionalism, trustworthiness, and expertise because we hold our customers in such high regard. Get in touch with us now to receive a complimentary estimate and experience firsthand the transformative impact NuGlaze can bring to your bathroom’s appearance and functionality!

Shower Repair Services

Turn to our Opelika shower reglazing service as a cost-effective alternative to replacing your shower pan or bathtub. Utilizing our method, you can revitalize your bathroom with a pristine appearance and modernize it effortlessly without the steep costs and disruption of a full replacement. Discover NuGlaze’s cost-effective and swift repair choices and restore your shower’s function and beauty while also enjoying time and money savings!


Scratches on your shower’s surface can mar its appearance and create additional cleaning challenges. Originating from rough cleaning products, negligent care, or routine usage, these blemishes can diminish the attractiveness of your shower and your entire bathroom. Our seasoned specialists excel at addressing scratches on a variety of shower materials. Employing meticulous buffing, polishing, and refinishing techniques, our shower reglaze service eradicates scratches, reviving your shower’s glossy, smooth surface. By utilizing our exacting, tried-and-true methods and unwavering focus on top-notch results, we promise your shower will regain its pristine appearance when our finishing touches are complete.


Chips in your shower’s surface aren’t just cosmetic issues – they also serve as entry points for water infiltration and potential damage. NuGlaze is your go-to for shower repair in Opelika, especially for handling the chips that are known to form in showers made of fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, and more. Employing cutting-edge methods and precision color-matching technology, we expertly mend chips and restore your shower’s surface to a seamless and consistent finish. Our swift and expert handling of chips ensures your shower’s longevity and preserves its aesthetic charm. Our shower reglazing process involves advanced techniques and superior-grade products for unmatched results.


When your shower develops holes, it not only detracts from its visual appeal, but also creates the risk of water infiltration into adjacent walls and floors. Neglecting timely shower resurfacing and repair may result in leaks, which can contribute to mold growth and significant structural damage. Drawing on our professional background, we acknowledge the importance of promptly tackling holes through a top-notch Opelika shower repair. Whether they result from accidents or gradual usage, we implement exact techniques to mend and seal holes in many materials. By paying close attention to every detail, we achieve a flawless integration of our shower refinishing to revitalize both the look and performance of your shower.


The presence of cracks adds complexity to the task of shower refinishing. Whether it’s minor or major, a crack in your shower can compromise its structural integrity and potentially cause leaks or water damage. At NuGlaze, our knowledge and resources allow us to effectively deal with cracks in fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, and other types of shower materials. Utilizing specialized techniques and superior materials, we achieve an effective shower repair that renews the structural integrity of your shower. After we repair a cracked shower, the flawless finish will make it challenging to detect where the damage was, ensuring a robust, lasting repair.

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